Van restoration begins (again!)

On a cold, rainy afternoon in November 2013. I stood looking at a dilapidated Squiffy parked up in the driveway of my parents’ house. It had been almost 10 years since she had driven and the years had not been kind. She had numerous mechanical issues and her body was rusting away—her dreams of adventure fading as fast as her paint.

Over the past year or so I’d been trying to at least fix the worst of the mechanical problems in my spare weekends. But it was clear that time and the elements were causing new problems faster than I was fixing them.

It was time for some professional help. So I picked up the phone to Paul at Type 2 Detectives.

“Paul, I’ve got a little project for you.”

“Sure, Andy, bring it over we’ll take a look.”

Words that Paul would soon learn to regret! Squiffy’s rebirth was about to begin…

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Onwards and upwards

It’s been some time since we released any London2Sydney news, so you’d be forgiven for wondering what’s been happening at London2Sydney headquarters recently. Allow me to bring you up to date.

With no change in Nick’s situation following our announcement that the expedition had been temporarily postponed, it’s time to take a fresh look at the expedition and set a new course for the future. After all, there’s a 1977 VW camper van just itching to drive to Sydney and it’s not going to get there on its own!

Needless to say, my own enthusiasm and commitment to the expedition is undimmed, and with so much hard work already having been done, there’s no way the expedition is going to be allowed to lie fallow. All that is required is for a group of dedicated people to come together and take the project on to a successful conclusion.

So I’m currently working on the slow and careful task of assembling a new expedition team. Once the team has been formed, we’ll be able to begin building on the excellent foundations already laid and working towards our twin goals of a successful overland expedition to Australia and raising money for our chosen charity Cancer Research UK.

I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors for their continued support and understanding, everyone who’s given so generously to Cancer Research UK, and all the people who’ve been behind us every step of the way.

I look forward to announcing a new team and new departure date sometime in the not-too-distant future. Thank you all once again for all your support. Stay tuned for more news!

A sad day

A sad day indeed.

A few weeks ago, Nick informed me that, for family reasons, he would not be able to join me on the road to Sydney at present. This news was obviously a big blow to the expedition and since then I’ve been pulling out all the stops to try and keep everything on track. But now I’ve got to admit that we’re just not going to be able to honour our original departure date.

Given the terribly short notice, it has proved impossible to find anyone to take Nick’s place on the road with me and for various reasons (safety being one of the major ones) setting off alone is not really a viable option.

It’s been a very difficult decision to make, but it has become increasingly clear that the best course of action for the expedition, our charity work, our sponsors and everyone who’s been supporting us, is to temporarily postpone the expedition.

We are, of course, bitterly disappointed at the moment but we want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who’s offered us their help, support and encouragement since the expedition began, especially our sponsors and everyone who’s given a donation to Cancer Research UK on our behalf. In fact so far we’ve raised over £1000 for CRUK and we’ve been delighted to pass every penny of that directly to them!

There is no way that the expedition is in any danger of being cancelled, so do keep an eye on the website for updates on our progress. Better still, make sure you’re on our mailing list so you’re the first to know as soon as we have some more news!

In times like these, there seems to me to be only one option and that is to turn the situation into an opportunity. We’ll be making the best possible use of the delay, so when the London2Sydney expedition does leave, it’ll be bigger and better than we ever thought possible before!

Degree Confluence Project

We’re very pleased to announce our support for the Degree Confluence Project!

Confluences are the points on the Earth’s surface where the lines of longitude and latitude intersect, and the aim of those participating in the Degree Confluence Project is to visit and photograph each one!

Over 3,222 confluences have already been visited, but that leaves at least 12,942 still to go, with many lying along our route. This made the London2Sydney expedition an ideal opportunity to visit some of those remaining points, especially in countries such as Iran and Pakistan which currently have only one or two confluence visits recorded!

For more details about the Degree Confluence Project visit the project web page

Naturally, reports on all our own confluence visits will be added to our own expedition diary but will be uploaded to the Degree Confluence Project site too. Why not go and visit your local confluence, or organise a trip to go and visit one of the unvisited ones?

At the Extravaganza

The threat of rain did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the crowds that had gathered for Bedford Prep School‘s Summer Extravaganza. This annual event is the time when all the pupils at the school get the chance to conceive and construct their own stands and stalls offering games, baked treats, activities and challenges, with all the proceeds going to the school’s own nominated charities that year.

Pursued by excited shouts of “It’s Squiffy!” from some of the boys who must have been paying attention during my presentation earlier in the week, I gently eased our expedition van through the mingling punters and parked her up underneath the School’s climbing wall.

Opening the van and raising the roof, I spent a very rewarding few hours explaining about the expedition to boys and their parents, answering people’s questions and demonstrating the marvels of Squiffy’s rock-and-roll bed.

Squiffy at the Extravaganza

Special mention must be made of ten year old George, who bounded into the van at the first opportunity and listened intently to my early guided tours. Once he had satisfied himself that he was sufficiently briefed on the details of the both the van and the expedition, he politely reassured me that I could safely chat to boys and parents outside the van while he conducted tours and expertly answered people’s questions from within. I have to pay tribute also to his sterling work with the Cancer Research UK charity tin, as I’m sure that he was personally responsible for the vast majority of the donations received that day!

Thanks to the generosity of the boys and their parents, a further 37 pounds and 73 pence was raised for Cancer Research UK which was wonderful, especially considering that the boys’ own stalls and exhibits at the Extravaganza were all raising money for the School’s own nominated charities.

Thanks to everyone who came to look at Squiffy and offered words of encouragement and support. Thanks to all the boys who climbed up to have a look inside, and to everyone who gave something for CRUK. My only regret was that due to the interest in Squiffy I didn’t manage to get a chance to have a proper look around at the Extravaganza, although I did see what looked like an ingenious hamster racing course on display which had drawn a large crowd of cheering punters. I have fond memories of the times when it was my friends and I who were painstakingly constructing and dutifully manning the stalls arranged around the school’s playing fields.

To wrap up, I just wanted to offer some words of reassurance to the lad who sat open-mouthed in Squiffy, staring all around him and asked me “How will you manage without a telly?” We’ll cope, I promise!

Back to school

Following the article about the London2Sydney expedition in Bedford’s Times & Citizen newspaper, we’ve received a number of messages from well-wishers and several donations to CRUK. It’s always nice to receive messages of support and especially nice to know that the expedition is succeeding in its aim of raising money for CRUK.

One phone call I received was certainly a pleasant surprise: the voice on the end of the phone was that of Phillip Lewis, a teacher at Bedford Preparatory School, who once upon a time had the dubious honour of teaching me history. Having read about the expedition in the paper, Mr Lewis was calling to invite me to come and address the school at their Wednesday morning assembly. I was delighted and honoured to accept and so, on Wednesday morning, armed with a slide show of images of scenes along our route, I clambered into Squiffy and made my way through Bedford back to my old school.

It is a strange experience visiting a place that has filled your head with so many memories. It is an even stranger experience drinking coffee with some of your former teachers in the once-mysterious and forbidden realm of the school staff room!

Mr Lewis and I teamed up to give an interview-style presentation, and me the opportunity to give the boys some more information about the expedition. It was a delight to see so many keen faces! Once especially keen boy even approached me afterwards to enquire about the address of the expedition website!

As chance would have it, next Saturday is the day of Bedford Prep School’s Summer Extravaganza, an annual event which sees the boys of the school, including the inevitable but eternally popular “throw a wet sponge at a teacher” stall. Mr Lewis asked me if I would like to bring Squiffy along to the event, show her to the boys and try and raise some more money for CRUK. I was delighted to accept his invitation, so next weekend, Squiffy will be performing her first public engagement!

I thoroughly enjoyed coming back to visit the school and speak to the boys, and would like to thank Phillip Lewis for giving me the opportunity of doing so. A full report on Squiffy’s trip to the Extravaganza will be up after the weekend!

Quick note: There’s more about Andy’s visit to Bedford Prep School in this news article on the School’s own website!

Get up! Get on up!

After the success of the London2Sydney charity car painting, Cancer Research UK fundraising took a musical form this time as a troupe of talented musicians from Powerhouse music school in London came to Bedford’s Esquires music venue to entertain and delight.

At a chance meeting with Nick a few weeks ago, Powerhouse vocalist Sam Vaughan had mentioned that she was planning a charity concert to benefit CRUK and, on hearing about London2Sydney she suggested that we join forces.

With styles ranging from rock, funk and soul all on the menu, the program included a wide variety of acts showcasing Powerhouse’s hottest young musicians and included such classic floor-fillers as James Brown’s Sex Machine, Wild Cherry’s Play That Funky Music and Ocean Colour Scene’s The Riverboat Song.

The interval provided another great opportunity for fundraising as, thanks to the generosity of a number of local businesses (and to Nick’s sister Clare for getting in contact with them all), we had a great selection of prizes to give away in a charity raffle.

  • Marks & Spencer – bottle of wine and box of chocolates
  • Tescos – £10 store voucher
  • Debenhams – two teddy bears
  • Chambers Newsagents (Brickhill Post Office) – box of chocolates
  • He Keech & Son Green Grocers and Fruit Sellers – box of fruit
  • Sports Interactive – Championship Manager 03/04 & fluffy football

And a glow-in-the-dark Mosque Alarm Clock from an anonymous benefactor!

With the Powerhouse musicians back on the stage, the dance-floor quickly filled up once again and we were treated to another dazzling and energetic set, and two rousing encores.

Clamp down

Back in the UK and sufficiently recovered from my jet lag, I joined Nick to lavish some more attention on Squiffy, and in particular on her roof. With her shiney new roof struts installed the problem was no longer how to lift the roof up, but how to keep it down!

In her past life, Squiffy probably had two roof clamps but one had long since fallen off and the one remaining clamp was in a rather sorry state.

One of Squiffy’s roof struts

Removing the old clamp and catches revealed a rather unsavoury mix of old paint and rust, so a quick lick of Hammerite paint was applied to the area to help protect the underlying metal.

Time then to fix the brand new clamps and catches that we took delivery of back in January and time to play with a new toy in the London2Sydney toolbox: the rivet gun!

This neat tool made a simple job of attaching the new clamps and catches, even if between us we didn’t make a simple job of putting them on in quite the right place at first…

However, two smart new padlockable clamps was a much more satisfying end result than one disintegrating old one, so we felt that our cup of tea at the end of the day was well deserved.

Charity car painting!

London2Sydney fever hit the USA on Saturday when my venerable 1988 VW Fox which has served me so faithfully during my time in America got treated to a rather unique paint job!

To mark the occasion of me and my house-mate’s departure from these shores, friend and work colleague Chris’ birthday and because, as everyone knows, any day is a good day for a party, a large and merry band assembled at our house in Princeton, New Jersey.

A gloriously sunny afternoon set the scene for a fantastic afternoon. And against a backdrop of a sizzling BBQ, a well-stocked bar and games of volleyball and horseshoes partygoers vented their creative spleens all over my car and helped London2Sydney raise even more money for Cancer Research UK!

In exchange for a donation to CRUK, keen punters got the chance to grab paint-brush and spray-can and adorn the long suffering car with whatever designs they fancied, leading to some interesting results!

As the evening drew in, the throng assembled inside our house to be treated to some outstanding musical performances by several of our friends, many of whom had travelled many miles to be there. Big shouts out to Ras Ujimma and the Black Circle Symphony (Wahkiba, Melshawn, Isaac & Israel) playing their congas, Daniel (saxophone), Misha (guitar), Anna Marie (vocals), Rick (guitar), Olivier (guitar) for making it a truly special evening.

Even with all the instruments packed away, the music and dancing went on and the party continued well into the small hours!

Thanks to the generosity, enthusiasm and general keenness of everyone at the event, $237 was raised and, as with all the money we’re raising for charity, every cent of it is going directly to Cancer Research UK! A big thank you to everyone who contributed!

Despite my excitement at the thought of being back in the UK in less than a fortnight now and being able to spend the next two months concentrating on the expedition preparations, I’ve got to say that it’s not going to be easy to leave such a great bunch of friends. Thankfully, the memories of all the events we’ve had like this one will take a long time to fade.

But meanwhile, the expedition planning continues apace and with plenty of work for Nick and I still to do, the next couple of months promise to be busier than ever!