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Return of the prodigal son

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Andy will be back in the UK for the weekend and (all running smoothly) we shall be putting the engine back in the van. Meanwhile, with all the talk of engines, petrol and carburettors, this is one picture we hope not to be taking when on our way to Sydney… :o)

Engine Update

The process of rebuilding Squiffy’s engine is virtually complete. A set of downdraft carburettors arrived today from Italy and will be built directly onto the engine. After that it will merely be a matter of adding a few bits and pieces here and there, including the tinware which funnels air over the engine in order… Read More »Engine Update

Spreading the word…

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Since celebrating one year in existence, the London2Sydney expedition website has enjoyed a record number of visitors. Although Andy and myself were excited that January was showing an increased level of ‘site traffic’, February exceeded all our expectations. February might have been a leap-year ths year, but even with the extra day, our site totalled… Read More »Spreading the word…

The engine saga continues…

The main engine block is now with Lee at and refurbishment is well under way. Lee’s been great to us and has also promised to take some pictures of the various stages as the engine gets rebuilt. I’ll post up a ‘parts list’ in the next few days and keep watching this space for… Read More »The engine saga continues…

Cancer Research

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We are hoping that the London2Sydney expedition will provide the catalyst to help us raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK, to help them continue their valuable work. As all the expedition costs are being borne by our team, every penny raised from sponsorship will go to CRUK. With CRUK being our… Read More »Cancer Research

Diary online

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The London2Sydney diary is now online! We’re keeping a record of everything we’ve been doing as we prepare for our journey, and we’ve already made… Read More »Diary online

A comparison…

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I thought it might be a nice idea to give you a few BEFORE and AFTER shots of the van’s interior, so you can see how much has already been done…. BEFORE & AFTER BEFORE & AFTER BEFORE & AFTER

Roof Clamps

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The roof looks much better since we attached the new seals and gas struts. Currently though, we only have one clamp (technical term: – an over-centre) holding the roof down. Two clamps arrived from Protex today and I’ll hopefully be fitting these at the weekend. They’re much smaller than the one we already have (see… Read More »Roof Clamps