The Interior Monologue Begins…

The inside of Squiffy has now been virtually ripped out. She only had a poor home-made conversion before and Andy and I decided it simply wasn’t good enough to last us all the way to Sydney. Ever since we bought the van we had been puzzling as to exactly what type of interior conversion she had and we are really no further towards knowing. I guess we’re theorising on some sort of Viking bastardisation. At any rate, this is how the inside of Squiffy looked when we bought her:

As you can see from the above picture, there had previously been a couple of ‘box seats’ towards the rear of the van (where the seatbelts are), but these were certainly not good enough for long distance travel or indeed any safe form of travel at all!

The inside was mucky to say the least (and I’m not going to tell you what the inside of the fridge looked like). The carpet – which we carbon-dated to about 1980AD – had to come out, there was no insulation (a necessity for long distance driving) and there were no sleeping or proper seating arrangements downstairs at all. It had to go! Several labour-intensive hours later, Nick managed to strip out most of the old, tired-looking interior and Squiffy started to look a little more basic…

Our plan for rebuilding the interior had been set in motion. We were working towards having a ‘blank sheet’ to work from…

Squiffy comes home!

Today I drove Squiffy back to Bedford – our home town – where she will be based until the London2Sydney expedition commences.

The journey back from Surrey, where she had been undergoing some minor repairs, was slightly nerve-racking as the engine will actually need a complete overhaul. The engine didn’t sound great on the way back and I didn’t take her much above 50mph. There’s also a mysterious oil leak coming from somewhere. Still, she made it in one piece and, I hope you’ll admit, she looks great on the outside!

And as the centre-piece of our expedition, she’s going to get a lot of TLC.

Please ignore the oil leak…. ;o)

The website of the London2Sydney charity overland expedition.