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Strutting about…

While attempting to get a good night’s sleep in one of Squiffy’s upstairs bunks, the last thing we’d want is for her pop-up roof to come crashing down on us. Unfortunately, Squiffy’s pop-up roof had managed to convince us of its potential as a death-trap, and so demanded our attention.

Once elevated, Squiffy’s roof was supposed to be held up by a pair of pneumatic struts, one at each end. The years had taken their toll, however, and the struts were, frankly, putting in a very poor effort. Even more worrying was the small wooden stake which had been installed to take over their role, and was not inspiring confidence.

So we installed two brand new struts in the hope that we could dispense with the wooden stake and enjoy stress-free kip throughout our journey.

It turned out that the new struts were so good and so hard to compress that they needed a good deal of coercion to get them to squeeze in under the roof. A stout piece of broom handle made a convenient prop while the back strut was forced in.

But the front strut proved to be a little more stubborn, calling for an ingenious application of man power…

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