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April 2004


The van passed its MOT with flying colours today! No need to say much more than that! :o) A good day for L2S! Oh, and… Read More »Joy!

The Engine’s Final Chapter

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Good news at last! The engine is complete and now needs some serious miles under its belt BEFORE we head off on the road to Sydney. A rebuilt engine needs to be ‘driven in’ and then re-tuned and given several oil changes. Hopefully we should be able to do about 2000 miles in the van… Read More »The Engine’s Final Chapter

The best laid plans…

Nothing is ever as simple as it seems. The best laid plans of mice and men… Which ever sayings you prefer, the fact remains that the toast doesn’t always fall butter-side up. Sometimes it’s a sticky wicket and you’ve just got to play the dead bat and get yourself in. Having thought that the engine… Read More »The best laid plans…

The engine saga enters its finale

It’s been a successful weekend. Andy’s been back from America and we’ve worked solidly on preparing the ‘tinware’ for the new engine. For the uninitiated, the tinware are the sheets of metal shrouding which to funnel air over the engine – thus creating the ‘air-cooled’ effect. Due to Squiffy’s previous oil leak, much of this… Read More »The engine saga enters its finale

Return of the prodigal son

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Andy will be back in the UK for the weekend and (all running smoothly) we shall be putting the engine back in the van. Meanwhile, with all the talk of engines, petrol and carburettors, this is one picture we hope not to be taking when on our way to Sydney… :o)