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The van passed its MOT with flying colours today! No need to say much more than that! :o) A good day for L2S!

Oh, and note to self. Try and fit the roof clamps asap so that the roof doesn’t pop up when you’re driving the van along…. :o)

8 thoughts on “Joy!”

  1. Nick,
    great to read this – we haven’t met, but Andy kinda’ knows me and my VeeDubs.
    Good luck with all!

  2. Well done Nick! Again – I’m another random that you don’t know but I work with Andy over here in NJ. Thanks for the updates – it’s made for some interesting reading! Congratulations and the very best of luck to both of you.


  3. Cheers guys, much appreciated. If you know Andy, then you must be wondering why I’m mad enough to go round the world with him. ;o)

    As far as updates and posts go, this is only the beginning. We’ll keep these coming until we leave for Oz. The really interesting ones will start when we hit the road. Keep coming back.

    Regards. Nick.

  4. I just visited your site for the first time. I’m very impressed. Good luck! Hopefully I will be able to participate tomorrow by decorating Andy’s car.

    Squiffy? … sounds like a rude noise…

  5. Gorgeous!

    Unfortunatly, the van does not look as … how can we call it?… “exotic” as Andy’s freshly decorated car!
    Keen though!

    I’ll be happy to follow your all trip among those great countries! looking fwd to this webcam giving nearly instant images as well!

    You’ll make it! Sylvie

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