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Van restoration begins (again!)

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Rusty VW camper van sitting in driveway

On a cold, rainy afternoon in November 2013. I stood looking at a dilapidated Squiffy parked up in the driveway of my parents’ house. It had been almost 10 years since she had driven and the years had not been kind. She had numerous mechanical issues and her body was rusting away—her dreams of adventure fading as fast as her paint.

Over the past year or so I’d been trying to at least fix the worst of the mechanical problems in my spare weekends. But it was clear that time and the elements were causing new problems faster than I was fixing them.

It was time for some professional help. So I picked up the phone to Paul at Type 2 Detectives.

“Paul, I’ve got a little project for you.”

“Sure, Andy, bring it over we’ll take a look.”

Words that Paul would soon learn to regret! Squiffy’s rebirth was about to begin…

We’ve now started a London2Sydney Instagram account to document the restoration. Be sure to Follow us there and Like our posts!


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