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Some days after I left Squiffy with Paul at Type 2 Detectives, the phone rang. This was unlikely to be good, I thought to myself. Sadly, I was right.

“Andy, I’ve got some bad news…” said Paul.

What had started out as some superficial work to sort out the rust around the rear windows had revealed myriad horrors due to the years sat out in the English elements. The more the team at Type2Detectives dug, the more rust and rot they found. Like peeling an onion, where each layer of the onion was a rusty piece of metal!

Paul and I discussed the options. We could of course patch things up but that felt very unsatisfactory and would just require more work later. The other option was a complete bare-metal restoration: stripping Squiffy right back to the frame, removing all the rusty sections and rebuilding her with solid new panels.

“Let’s do it.” I said. And so began a two year journey to bring Squiffy back to her former glory.

With all the bad metal removed, the true extent of the damage was clear. There wasn’t a whole lot left untouched!

Type 2 Detectives started sourcing and fitting new panels to almost every corner.

And fitting brand new doors all round.

After months of hard work, we finally had a solid rust-free vehicle to start rebuilding.

Next step, into the paint shop to give Squiffy a brand new look!

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