Engine Update

The process of rebuilding Squiffy’s engine is virtually complete. A set of downdraft carburettors arrived today from Italy and will be built directly onto the engine. After that it will merely be a matter of adding a few bits and pieces here and there, including the tinware which funnels air over the engine in order to cool it.

Here are a couple of cheeky snaps I took of the engine over at LA Performance today.

Lee has taken lots of photos of the engine being rebuilt (everything from cleaning to balancing) and I’m hoping to have these on the website as soon as possible. Right, now I have to think about cleaning some of the tinware so it matches up to the shiny new engine.

Spreading the word…

Since celebrating one year in existence, the London2Sydney expedition website has enjoyed a record number of visitors. Although Andy and myself were excited that January was showing an increased level of ‘site traffic’, February exceeded all our expectations.

February might have been a leap-year ths year, but even with the extra day, our site totalled over 700 unique visitors from, we reckon, over thirty-four different countries. That’s an incredible 26139 hits in total, giving an average of over 900 hits per day.

Not everyone has merely been browsing though. February also saw an increased amount of people becoming interested in our charity of choice (Cancer Research UK) and several generous donations were made to CRUK through our online donation facility. Andy and I have also received many e-mails from people interested in our trip, from those interested in how Squiffy (our van) is coming along to those who have offered support and help. We are always extremely pleased to hear from anyone who wants to get in touch or feels they can lend some advice, so get e-mailing! We always reply! :o)

And on the engine front, we have good news at last. An engine update from LA Performance will be hitting these pages very soon, so keep coming back and keep those hits up! Here’s to a successful March for the L2S expedition!