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A sad day

A sad day indeed.

A few weeks ago, Nick informed me that, for family reasons, he would not be able to join me on the road to Sydney at present. This news was obviously a big blow to the expedition and since then I’ve been pulling out all the stops to try and keep everything on track. But now I’ve got to admit that we’re just not going to be able to honour our original departure date.

Given the terribly short notice, it has proved impossible to find anyone to take Nick’s place on the road with me and for various reasons (safety being one of the major ones) setting off alone is not really a viable option.

It’s been a very difficult decision to make, but it has become increasingly clear that the best course of action for the expedition, our charity work, our sponsors and everyone who’s been supporting us, is to temporarily postpone the expedition.

We are, of course, bitterly disappointed at the moment but we want to take the opportunity to thank everyone who’s offered us their help, support and encouragement since the expedition began, especially our sponsors and everyone who’s given a donation to Cancer Research UK on our behalf. In fact so far we’ve raised over £1000 for CRUK and we’ve been delighted to pass every penny of that directly to them!

There is no way that the expedition is in any danger of being cancelled, so do keep an eye on the website for updates on our progress. Better still, make sure you’re on our mailing list so you’re the first to know as soon as we have some more news!

In times like these, there seems to me to be only one option and that is to turn the situation into an opportunity. We’ll be making the best possible use of the delay, so when the London2Sydney expedition does leave, it’ll be bigger and better than we ever thought possible before!

Degree Confluence Project

We’re very pleased to announce our support for the Degree Confluence Project!

Confluences are the points on the Earth’s surface where the lines of longitude and latitude intersect, and the aim of those participating in the Degree Confluence Project is to visit and photograph each one!

Over 3,222 confluences have already been visited, but that leaves at least 12,942 still to go, with many lying along our route. This made the London2Sydney expedition an ideal opportunity to visit some of those remaining points, especially in countries such as Iran and Pakistan which currently have only one or two confluence visits recorded!

For more details about the Degree Confluence Project visit the project web page http://www.confluence.org/.

Naturally, reports on all our own confluence visits will be added to our own expedition diary but will be uploaded to the Degree Confluence Project site too. Why not go and visit your local confluence, or organise a trip to go and visit one of the unvisited ones?

Diary online

The London2Sydney diary is now online! We’re keeping a record of everything we’ve been doing as we prepare for our journey, and we’ve already made lots of entries. Squiffy’s been getting plenty of attention and you can see photos of all the work that we’ve been doing on her there too. Once we’re on our way, we’ll still be keeping it up-to-date with regular postings from the road and plenty of photographs! Do have a read, and remember you can post comments on the diary too!

Happy Birthday london2sydney.org

London2Sydney.org is one year old today! So to celebrate we’ve given the London2Sydney expedition website a fresh new look, as we’ve got a lot more content we want to share with you! To start with, Andy’s posted an article explaining why a VW camper van was our vehicle of choice to take us all the way to Sydney. We hope you find the new site easy to navigate and that you enjoy the new articles, information and photos we’re going to be putting up over the coming weeks.