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Degree Confluence Project

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We’re very pleased to announce our support for the Degree Confluence Project!

Confluences are the points on the Earth’s surface where the lines of longitude and latitude intersect, and the aim of those participating in the Degree Confluence Project is to visit and photograph each one!

Over 3,222 confluences have already been visited, but that leaves at least 12,942 still to go, with many lying along our route. This made the London2Sydney expedition an ideal opportunity to visit some of those remaining points, especially in countries such as Iran and Pakistan which currently have only one or two confluence visits recorded!

For more details about the Degree Confluence Project visit the project web page

Naturally, reports on all our own confluence visits will be added to our own expedition diary but will be uploaded to the Degree Confluence Project site too. Why not go and visit your local confluence, or organise a trip to go and visit one of the unvisited ones?


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