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The engine saga enters its finale

It’s been a successful weekend. Andy’s been back from America and we’ve worked solidly on preparing the ‘tinware’ for the new engine. For the uninitiated, the tinware are the sheets of metal shrouding which to funnel air over the engine – thus creating the ‘air-cooled’ effect.

Due to Squiffy’s previous oil leak, much of this shrouding was absolutely covered in oil and several years of general dirt and gunge. Armed with some GUNK (, several cloths, some surgical gloves, some soapy water and some black spray paint, Andy and I tackled the tinware with a vengence. Let me tell you that there is nothing more satisfactory that taking a piece of dirty metal and restoring it into a glistening example of VW precision engineering. Erm, is there?

And so tomorrow we head for LA Performance, ready to bolt the tinware onto the engine and put the engine back into Squiffy. Watch this space! Tomorrow could be a momentous chapter in the L2S story! We’re excited!

Meanwhile, a spot-the-difference competition. Answers on…an e-mail!

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