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We are hoping that the London2Sydney expedition will provide the catalyst to help us raise as much money as possible for Cancer Research UK, to help them continue their valuable work. As all the expedition costs are being borne by our team, every penny raised from sponsorship will go to CRUK.

With CRUK being our charity of choice, we’re obviously very interested in increasing awareness of the disease in addition to our fund-raising. We feel that the following information confirms that research into cancer is pushing back the boundaries of care and cure. For us that makes our fund-raising expedition to Sydney all the more worthwhile and we are all the more determined to make this expedition a success.

According to a report published today, one in two of all British cancer sufferers can now expect to survive the disease. Advances in treatment, screening and scientific knowledge have seen overall cancer death rates fall by 12 per cent. More than half of all patients should now survive their cancer for at least five years.

Figures released by Cancer Research UK show a greatly improved chance of survival for both men and women compared with 30 years ago. In the last generation, women’s deaths from breast cancer have fallen by 20 per cent and men’s deaths from testicular cancer by 37 per cent. Deaths from bowel cancer fell by a third, while those from Hodgkin’s disease fell by almost three-quarters.

The latest survival statistics – for patients diagnosed with cancer in the 1990s – show 37 per cent of males and half of females surviving cancer for five years.

Announcing a fund raising campaign, All Clear, highlighting the improved chance of surviving cancer, Robert Souhami, the clinical director of CRUK, said: “The number of cancer survivors has greatly increased in the last generation. “Most people rightly no longer view it as a death sentence.”


Should you wish to make a donation to CRUK through L2S, no matter how small, please sponsor us!

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