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The expedition planning and preparation is now in full swing. We’ll be keeping this page updated with the latest news and developments. Keep popping back!

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30th July 2004: It saddens us greatly to have to announce that the departure of the London2Sydney expedition has been temporarily postponed. Andy’s diary entry explains why we’ve had to take this very difficult decision.
29th June 2004: We’re very pleased to announce our support for the Degree Confluence Project!

Confluences are the points on the Earth’s surface where the lines of longitude and latitude intersect, and the aim of those participating in the Degree Confluence Project is to visit and photograph each one!

Over 3,222 confluences have already been visited, but that leaves at least 12,942 still to go, with many lying along our route. This made the London2Sydney expedition an ideal opportunity to visit some of those remaining points, especially in countries such as Iran and Pakistan which currently have only one or two confluence visits recorded!

For more details about the Degree Confluence Project visit the project web page

Naturally, reports on all our own confluence visits will be added to our own expedition diary but will be uploaded to the Degree Confluence Project site too. Why not go and visit your local confluence, or organise a trip to go and visit one of the unvisited ones?

2nd June 2004: Our expedition brochure is now available for download!
23rd April 2004: Great news today: after her extensive engine overhaul, our van, Squiffy, is back on the road! As always, you can read all about the work we’ve been doing on her, and check out all our photos, in our diary.
16th February 2004: We’re very pleased to welcome L.A. Performance to our list of sponsors. Lee at L.A. Performance has been tasked with preparing Squiffy’s engine for her epic journey. why not follow its progress in our diary?
3rd February 2004: The London2Sydney diary is now online! We’re keeping a record of everything we’ve been doing as we prepare for our journey, and we’ve already made lots of entries. Squiffy’s been getting plenty of attention and you can see photos of all the work that we’ve been doing on her there too. Once we’re on our way, we’ll still be keeping it up-to-date with regular postings from the road and plenty of photographs! Do have a read, and remember you can post comments on the diary too!
20th January 2004: is one year old today! So to celebrate we’ve given the London2Sydney expedition website a fresh new look, as we’ve got a lot more content we want to share with you! To start with, Andy’s posted an article explaining why a VW camper van was our vehicle of choice to take us all the way to Sydney. We hope you find the new site easy to navigate and that you enjoy the new articles, information and photos we’re going to be putting up over the coming weeks.
4th September 2003: A big thank you to Lonely Planet for their donation of a number of their excellent guidebooks.
1st July 2003: Pictures of our van are now online!
14th June 2003: We have our van! Why not read what Nick has to say about it…?
3rd June 2003: We’re delighted to be able to add Microsoft to our list of sponsors. Microsoft have kindly made a donation to help us buy two Pocket PC PDAs on which we will be recording our expedition diaries. More on this soon…
9th May 2003: We’ve started a training section on the team pages with an article by Nick, who’s written about the Wilderness Medical Training course that we attended earlier in April. Enjoy!
16th April 2003: The London2Sydney News mailing list is now up and running!
15th April 2003: We’ve now added a description of our route. Feel free to have read.
14th March 2003: We’re very pleased to be able to add Colorscope to our list of sponsors. They have kindly agreed to sponsor our expedition brochure which will be available soon.
4th March 2003: We’ve added a sponsors section with links to all our sponsors. Please do have a look and find out more about the companies supporting us.
3rd March 2003: The route map is now animated which should help make it a little clearer.
24th February 2003: Our provisional route map is now available. We’ll have more details about our route up shortly…
20th January 2003: goes live!
6th January 2003: Today we received our contract with CRUK, which will allow us to use their logo on our website, in our literature and on our trip clothing.

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